Pension settlements

Dealing with employees’ pension issues has become more complex, and managing the pension settlement requires many resources, which are only growing alongside the regulation requirements.

We in Sparta Capital give you, the employer, peace of mind by taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of, from creating the pension settlement with the various manufacturers for the companies (insurance companies and investment houses), including management fee benefits and insurance coverages, all the way to providing pension marketing services for you, the employer, as well as for your employees.

The services we provide the business client include:

  1. Operation and payment services executed by the operator while reducing the load on the employer’s expenses with everything related to the pension operation.
  2. Creating settlements with all the leading bodies.
  3. Managing the collection and payment of existing policies.

Guiding the organization’s employees from the moment they enter the company until the end of their employment / the license holder’s retirement. 

What is pension settlement management?

Assembling all the needs of the employer and the employees under one roof. The employees receive personal guidance from the most experienced professionals in the field of pension and finance, who provide them with a precise and high-quality service repertoire.

Adjusting the individual’s pension settlement: the pension settlement manager meets the employee for a personal conversation in order to learn about their personal and familial needs and conduct an extensive examination of their pension profile. After analyzing the data, the manager builds a professional pension plan proposal, one that is adjusted to the individual.

Maximizing policies: as part of the personal needs analysis, the employee receives a professional judgment about the combination of different pension insurance products as well as a judgment as to how they can maximize their financial and pensionary rights while taking into consideration personal and familial risks. As part of the professional analysis of the employee’s personal portfolio, they receive options for transitioning between the various pension insurance plans (mobilizing pension savings funds) as well as explanations of the advantages and disadvantages in the long and short term.

Ongoing work: during ongoing work, we take care of necessary updates to the employees’ pension insurance portfolios in accordance with changes in their personal or familial situations. In addition, the employees receive updates about new pension insurance plans that might be suitable for them and for their family members.

Reduction in costs: at the beginning of and throughout the communication, we conduct auctions between the pension bodies and investment houses in order to obtain the pension product at the best prices and the best conditions so as to achieve group insurance and pension agreement at lower costs.

Constant supervision: throughout the pension settlement management, the operator conducts calculations and comparisons in order to find any mistakes or outliers in your pension payment system (underpayments or overpayments). This reduces the chances of overcharging or delays in payments.

In conclusion, pension settlement management provides the best and most suitable pension solutions, at the best conditions, both for you as the employer and for the employee – all while saving costs. A pension settlement manager represents you as an employer against the employees and gives them the best solutions from the insurance companies and investment houses – because the employees are the company’s most important asset.

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We examine the totality of assets comprehensively and professionally and build the most appropriate investment strategy for the client’s needs. The asset portfolio is continually and meticulously examined by a team of experts, who also conduct risk management and examine the products.

We are experienced and have great expertise in the financial fields. We provide personal support and supervision for our clients:

We are experienced and have great expertise in the financial fields. We provide personal support and supervision for our clients:

  1. Building an investment strategy according to the family unit’s needs.
  2. Implementing the program while examining the costs and being careful in choosing the investment managers that take care of our client’s money.
  3. As part of the supervision, we send periodical reports with an updated status report.
  4. Making adjustments to the plan based on changes in the client’s needs and adjusting the products to the state of the market and regulation.
  5. We are careful in choosing the external service providers we use, e.g., taxation consultants and accountants, personal legal support, generational inheritance, and escrow accounts.

Sparta Capital

Sparta believes in viewing each person and their personal needs and providing the most professional package for each client. Sparta isn’t for everyone: we don’t guarantee yield, but we do promise to employ the most comprehensive knowledge in the market and to adjust it to your needs. Sparta provides knowledge and professionalism that were previously reserved for institutional clients, providing its clients with access to them. Sparta cares for the client, they are not another portfolio.