Retirement Consultant

Retirement is one of the most significant milestones in our lives 

The decisions we make up until and during this stage have drastic consequences on our future sources of income and standard of living during the long years of retirement.

Some people plan their retirement as early as their 40’s; thus, when they get to the age of retirement, their savings and knowledge allow them to continue to enjoy the same quality of life they had up until that point.

However, not everyone plans their retirement that early. For them, in the best case scenario they are not ready for retirement when it is time for them to retire, and in the worst case scenario, they are completely helpless, which leads to a substantial decrease in their quality of life or even financial hardship. Over the past few years, the pensionary and financial branches have gone through significant changes in terms of product structure, methods of saving on a regular basis, taxes, the way to realize the funds, and the way to find information.

Many clients find it difficult to understand or adapt to the numerous changes that occur in the field, changes that have a significant impact on their personal well-being during retirement.

The planning stage

Planning retirement and taxation includes various topics such as understanding the expectations in terms of the size of the pension, planning the taxation at the age of retirement, and learning about the different tools for pensionary savings, the various bureaucracies and forms, tax benefits, etc.

The more thorough and extensive the planning, the higher the chances that when one does get to retirement, they will be able to maintain their current standard and quality of life.

The decisions we must make before retirement are crucial, as they will greatly influence you – and your family – in the years to come. Retiring raises many concerns about the future. A retirement expert can consult and help you with making the right decision, the one with the best outcome for you. A retirement consultant is well-versed in a wide variety of fields, like insurance, taxation, and pension. Thus, referring to a retirement consultant is extremely important.

If you are interested in being prepared, in planning your financial future, contact us at Sparta-capital for advanced financial guidance.

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We examine the totality of assets comprehensively and professionally and build the most appropriate investment strategy for the client’s needs. The asset portfolio is continually and meticulously examined by a team of experts, who also conduct risk management and examine the products.

We are experienced and have great expertise in the financial fields. We provide personal support and supervision for our clients:

We are experienced and have great expertise in the financial fields. We provide personal support and supervision for our clients:

  1. Building an investment strategy according to the family unit’s needs.
  2. Implementing the program while examining the costs and being careful in choosing the investment managers that take care of our client’s money.
  3. As part of the supervision, we send periodical reports with an updated status report.
  4. Making adjustments to the plan based on changes in the client’s needs and adjusting the products to the state of the market and regulation.
  5. We are careful in choosing the external service providers we use, e.g., taxation consultants and accountants, personal legal support, generational inheritance, and escrow accounts.

Sparta Capital

Sparta believes in viewing each person and their personal needs and providing the most professional package for each client. Sparta isn’t for everyone: we don’t guarantee yield, but we do promise to employ the most comprehensive knowledge in the market and to adjust it to your needs. Sparta provides knowledge and professionalism that were previously reserved for institutional clients, providing its clients with access to them. Sparta cares for the client, they are not another portfolio.