Savings Policy

Savings policy is a savings product from the financial world. It is completely liquid, and it is mostly managed by insurance companies; it is similar to executive pension insurance in terms of how the funds are managed. It has high managerial flexibility; there is no limit to one-time deposits; and the client can conduct ongoing deposits of a fixed sum. It has many advantages over products that are managed by the bank system; these advantages manifest in bank service charges for investment portfolio management, buying and selling service charges, taxable events, etc.

Main points

  • Liquidity and withdrawal at short notice: you can use money that has been deposited into the savings policy at any moment – you can withdraw the whole sum at once or in doses as needed, and there is the option of monthly stipends (annuity) until all the money has been cashed in.

Wide investment dispersion: dispersion both in the stock market and in non-tradable assets, which helps in reducing the correlation to the stock market and to the managed funds’ volatility, as opposed to investment products that are well-known in the banks’ or investment houses’ consultation systems (e.g., mutual fund or managed portfolio).

  • A variety of investment channels: the client can move between investment channels with no taxable/tax event, as opposed to mutual funds in which each change and movement between funds entails a capital gains tax. Thus, throughout the investment’s duration, the savings policy client can make changes and adjust the risk level to the stock market’s changing needs with no taxable/tax event.
  • Transparency: the designated area of the managing company website includes the client’s personal information, and the client can also withdraw funds from that area of the website. In addition, the policy’s yields are published once a month, and the client can compare between all the bodies that manage policies in the market.
  • Management fees: these fees derive from the invested sum, and as the sum becomes bigger the fees become smaller. The average management fees are about 0.8% a year. The savings policy has a known service charge with no additions like securities management fees and buying and selling service charges, which do exist in direct products, or like internal mutual fund management fees, which exist in mutual funds.
  • Intergenerational transfer plan: the client can appoint the policy’s beneficiaries in the case of their death.
  • Loans: the client can receive loans with better conditions than those of bank loans, since in the former, the money continues to circulate and work in the stock market.
  • Tax deferral: as long as the funds are not withdrawn from the old policy, there is tax deferral, which increases its effective yield over time.

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We examine the totality of assets comprehensively and professionally and build the most appropriate investment strategy for the client’s needs. The asset portfolio is continually and meticulously examined by a team of experts, who also conduct risk management and examine the products.

We are experienced and have great expertise in the financial fields. We provide personal support and supervision for our clients:

We are experienced and have great expertise in the financial fields. We provide personal support and supervision for our clients:

  1. Building an investment strategy according to the family unit’s needs.
  2. Implementing the program while examining the costs and being careful in choosing the investment managers that take care of our client’s money.
  3. As part of the supervision, we send periodical reports with an updated status report.
  4. Making adjustments to the plan based on changes in the client’s needs and adjusting the products to the state of the market and regulation.
  5. We are careful in choosing the external service providers we use, e.g., taxation consultants and accountants, personal legal support, generational inheritance, and escrow accounts.

Sparta Capital

Sparta believes in viewing each person and their personal needs and providing the most professional package for each client. Sparta isn’t for everyone: we don’t guarantee yield, but we do promise to employ the most comprehensive knowledge in the market and to adjust it to your needs. Sparta provides knowledge and professionalism that were previously reserved for institutional clients, providing its clients with access to them. Sparta cares for the client, they are not another portfolio.